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RE-1 | K60D Router Kits | R10

Key Features:
Optimized for Media Streaming
Easy Setup & Configuration

The RE-1 Media Router brings the power and flexibility of enterprise networking to basic networks at an affordable price. Built with A/V networks in mind, the Pakedge RE-1 bundles a deceptively simple, user-friendly interface with the performance and features required by today’s demanding network appliances. Ideal for basic residential and commercial networks reliant on media streaming, the RE-1 is perfect for whole-network media sharing.


  • (4) Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports with 1 dynamic port capable of WAN or LAN
  • USB 3.0 port for high-speed media sharing
  • Configurable Dual-WAN failover for maximum network uptime
  • Wired guest network prevents access to the rest of the network
  • Website access control through the cloud
  • BakPak compatible for remote monitoring and configuration
  • Dynamic DNS
  • TruStream technology for efficient bandwidth allocation
  • User friendly interface for quick setup
  • PPTP VPN allows remote access
  • DMZ for additional layer of security
  • IGMP Snooping for streaming media devices
  • SNMP for easy network management
  • UPnP for fast, easy connection of networked devices
  • Secure remote tech support
  • RE-2

    Key Features:
    Pakedge Zones
    Remote Multimedia Access

    The RE-2 brings the features and functionality of the RE-1 with the addition of Pakedge Zones - allowing users to segment network traffic into preconfigured VLANs designed specifically for A/V networks - improving performance and preventing broadcast storms and other problems on media streaming devices and security cameras. With the RE-2, users can also access files on a USB drive from anywhere - keeping users connected to their media collection at all times.


  • All the features of the RE-1
  • Pakedge Zones for multimedia network segmentation
  • Remote USB file sharing
  • Pakedge Dynamic DNS support

    Key Features:
    Preconfigured for Easy Setup
    Enterprise-Grade A/V Networking
    Powerful Multimedia Processing

    Pakedge Router Kits are carefully paired network router and switch solutions that combine high performance, minimal configuration complexity, with easy installation for residential and commercial applications. Designed with A/V networking in mind and preconfigured to provide the best possible AV experience, the Pakedge router kit series provides the reliability, flexibility, and scalability required by today’s A/V system integrators.

    The R60D router is designed to bring enterprise-grade functionality to A/V networks. 2 WAN ports allow failover in case of an outage, while a built-in USB port provides the ability to utilize a 3G/4G wireless uplink - assuring continuous link connectivity. 7 10/100/1000 full duplex LAN ports provide full gigabit throughput to connected devices downstream, and a staggering 500,000 session count maximum ensures that the router won’t create a traffic bottleneck. All of this comes packaged with a host of network security features including a Fortinet-powered Firewall with optional UTM (Universal Threat Management), an included guest network, an easy-to-use DMZ port for direct-to-internet traffic, and the ability to "whitelist" or “blacklist” individual devices on the network.


    Key Features:
    6 Preconfigured VLANs
    A/V-Focused Business-Class

    The R10 Business-Class A/V Router is designed to function as the trunk of high-demand networks. 2 WAN ports allow fail-over in case of an outage for networks that can’t tolerate downtime. 22 gigabit LAN ports provide direct connectivity for large networks, while a 3,000,000 max session count with up to 22,000 new sessions created per second allow for unparalleled throughput even on networks with hundreds of users and thousands of applications. The R10 is preconfigured with 8 VLANs for plug-and-play network segmentation - making it ideal for large networks and businesses reliant on media devices, IP security cameras, VoIP communication, or multiple separate sub-networks.