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Pakedge wireless access points provide high-range, enterprise-level wireless communication between all devices within a network. Combined with the C36 Wireless Network Controller, the Pakedge portfolio of wireless products allows an entire network with multiple APs to function wirelessly and without interference.

Where's My WAP Software

Where's My WAP is a program that simplifies wireless deployment. Installers can download the program onto a computer, iOS device, or Android. Where's My WAP can automatically scan and connect access points as well as configure IP addresses, default gateways, and subnet masks. All Pakedge access points can be located by IP on the network within seconds. Click on the brochure below to learn more:



C36 Wireless Controller

The award-winning C36 simplifies wireless set-ups by detecting access points automatically. With it, installers can configure up to 30 access points on a single network.

Designed with a slim, sleek exterior, the C36 is the culmination of a development process focused on creating a truly exceptional wireless controller. Complete integration with the Pakedge suite of wired and wireless networking appliances makes the C36 a must-have central station for any custom A/V network. The C36 also possesses a comprehensive suite of centralized features, including logging, monitoring, and centralized configuration.

The C36 integrates fully with BakPak Cloud Monitoring, a program available on iOS devices and at BakPak provides a complete network map based on the C36 wireless ecosystem, allowing reporting and basic maintenance to be completed from anywhere in the world.

The C36 is the only wireless controller designed specifically for the A/V market. This device saves installers both time and energy, thanks to its ability to control, automate, and update wireless activity during deployment.

The C36 was voted the 2013 winner of CEPro's Best Electronic Systems Technologies by a panel of industry leaders and CEPro's own editors.


W7, W7O, & W7R Dual-Band Concurrent, Wireless-N Access Point

While most wireless access points broadcast on either the 2.4 or 5.0 GHz band, the W7 B/G/N series works on both. That is because the W7 series supports the new 802.11n standard, thereby reducing more interference than its competitors.

The W7 series features the latest and greatest in the ever-growing Pakedge suite of technologies: SectorMaxx, SmartWav, and TruStream. These technologies increase range, improve performance, and enhance media streaming in a wireless connection. SectorMaxx enhances upstream and downstream communication to ensure constant connectivity, even near the end of a wireless range. SmartWav's intelligent signal path and wireless stabilization protocols amplify the quality of the wireless signal, ensuring minimal packet loss and lower latency. TruStream ensures that audio and video streaming is prioritized for clean, crisp, quality media on even the busiest networks.

All W7 devices can be powered by PoE, or Power over Ethernet. This feature is crucial in the W7O Outdoor Wireless-N Access Point, making it ideal for outdoor environments that do not offer easy access to A/C outlets. The W7O comes complete with ultra-high range antennas and an IP67 weatherproof aluminum casing, ensuring the Pakedge promise of wireless network reliability in even harsh outdoor environments.

Users who desire easy storage can get the rack-mountable W7R. Without the need or eyesore of wall mounts, the W7R can be tucked away inside 1U of a wiring closet or A/V rack while still providing the same speed, coverage, and quality that come with all Pakedge devices.

The W7 series awarded Best Runner-Up in 2013 CEPro BEST Awards.


W6, W6C, W6O & W6R Enterprise Class
High Throughput Wireless-N Access Point

The W6 series of high throughput wireless b/g/n access points is designed to provide a versatile, high-power network.

All WAPs in the W6 line can be powered by PoE, providing wireless networking outdoors where electrical outlets are scarce. The W6 comes in four form factors, allowing it to suit any installation scenario.

The W6 Wall Mount is designed for fast installation. Its external, high-dB omnidirectional antennas provide maximum range and stability on a wireless network.

The W6C is built with a swing-out, in-ceiling design that is perfect for locations where aesthetics matter. Built on an aluminum chassis for heat dissipation, the W6C can stay cool when packed into attics and ceilings.

The W6O is perfect for users who want an outdoor WAP. The ability to receive power through PoE is especially crucial in this model, since power sources are often hard to find outdoors. Designed with IP67 aluminum housing, the W6O can stand up to assailments from dust, dirt, rain, and snow.

The W6R can fit in 1U of an A/V wiring rack. With aluminum housing and front-facing antennas, the W6R offers the sleek look highly sought-after in A/V networking.


WAP-C3G, W3G & O3G
Enterprise Class, Ultra High Power Wireless Access Point

The WAP-x3G series of 802.11b/g wireless access points supports multiple SSIDs and VLANs, thereby providing users with secure guest networks and network clutter prevention.

This series offers compatibility with both domestic and international telecommunication standards. Supporting the latest security standards, the WAP-x3G comes in three easy-to-use, versatile form factor: the C3G, W3G, and O3G. These form-factors give users a variety of options for their installation needs.

The C3G's sleek, low-profile design allows it to fit seamlessly inside a wall or ceiling. This clean feature eliminates the wires, cables, and clutter usually associated with wireless access points. An aluminum back plate ensures proper cooling and long-term reliability. This WAP can swing open for easy maintenance.

With a rugged aluminum case for efficient cooling and protection, the W3G is perfect for attics and wiring closets. This WAP can be powered by either a DC Power Adapter or PoE.

The O3G is designed for outdoor use and can be powered by PoE. Protected by die cast aluminum casing, this WAP has an IP67 rating and is built to stand up to extreme weather conditions.